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NCAA Basketball

Few sports have captured a larger betting demographic than college basketball; come March Madness, it seems everyone from children just learning to pick up a pen to grandmothers usually more interested in soap operas than sports wants to fill out a bracket. Strategies range from the absurd, like picking teams based upon how much you like their mascot or the color of their uniforms, to statistical analysis so advanced you may feel like you need a Ph.D in mathematics just to make sense of it.

Our writers here at have a proven track record of filling out brackets unlikely to be busted by even the most improbable of Cinderellas. We do so by emphasizing a comprehensive betting approach, rather than focusing on one strategy, using all the tools available to provide our readers with the information they need to make winning wagers. Whether you are just trying to one up your co-workers by winning the office pool or whether you are betting big bucks online, our betting guides will be an essential resource to check time and time again before filling out your bracket.

But as exciting as March Madness may be NCAA basketball offers bettors ample opportunity to fatten their wallets during the regular season as well. Unlike the NFL which only offers around 14 games a week, NCAA basketball, beginning in November and not ending until April, offers games and exciting betting opportunities every night of the week. A single Saturday during the regular season may offer as many as 150 games–and that is just counting Division I. With so many games offered on a weekly basis, it is often much easier to target sure bets making betting on NCAA basketball a safer proposition than risking your money on professional leagues like the NFL.

Although betting on point spreads is the most common means of betting on college basketball, plenty of other betting opportunities exist for NCAA bettors looking to try something a little more adventurous. In addition to the usual over/under and money line bets, our recommended Sportsbooks offer our users the opportunity to bet on things like which team will score first in a game to how many points your favorite player will score in a particular match up.

NCAA Football

Over the last few decades, no sport has become more popular among bettors than football. While most of the attention often falls on the NFL and Super Bowl betting, college football is in our opinion an even better sport for successful wagering. Including FBS (I-A) and Division II and III games, college football offers hundreds of games each week that can be wagered on. With so many games happening so frequently, it is much more likely you will be able to find favorable betting lines. With only 14 games per week in the NFL, you can be certain the experts setting the lines have left no stone unturned and have examined every imaginable aspect of the week’s games. The result? Exceedingly accurate lines that are going to be difficult to routinely beat. Are these same experts setting the betting lines as informed about the Division III match up between Ohio Northern and Muskingum? More than likely, the answer to that question is no. The sheer volume of games makes it more likely a favorable line slips through the cracks, and can be exploited by the knowledgeable bettor. That is where steps in – with analysts writing from all around the country and following even lesser known schools, we are dedicated to providing the most up to date information, not just about the week’s marquee games, but any match up we think offers the opportunity for our readers to earn a little extra cash and have some fun in the process.

Another reason we advocate betting on college football is the magnitude of each game. Unlike the NFL where a regular season loss, particularly an early one, may not mean much in the grand scheme of things, in college football a team’s BCS championship aspirations can be dashed by a single defeat. Nothing is worse than analyzing a match up on paper, thinking you have a solid bet than tuning into a game only to find out your chosen team has taken the night off with a lackluster effort. With an entire season often hinging on the result of the outcome of a single game, this pitfall occurs much less frequently in NCAA football. When every game matters, you can be confident both sides will be giving their best. With effort taken out of the question, results become easier to predict.

Although college football lacks a true playoff system, no time of the year is more exciting for college football bettors than bowl season. With 35 bowl games beginning in December and concluding in January, college football’s bowl season offers over a month of the best teams in the country facing off against one another. As the teams involved almost always come from different conferences and have not played each other previously, wagering on these games can be even more exciting, but it becomes even more critical to keep up with the latest news and analysis. Bookmark now because, with detailed analysis of each and every bowl match up, this will be a resource you won’t want to be without.

Although betting on the point spread of individual match ups remains the most popular form of college football wagering, just like we mentioned in regards to NCAA basketball, most Sportsbooks offer bettors an opportunity to bet on hundreds of props. These range from predictions as diverse as which team will score first, how many touchdowns a particular wide receiver will haul in to conference based future bets like which team will win the SEC or BIG 10. Whether you are placing a prop bet on your alma mater’s new star running back’s touchdown total or wagering on who will win the BCS championship game, has all the information you need.


For those new to online betting, a Sportsbook is simply a place where users can wager on the outcome of various sporting events. With so many options out there, new bettors are often overwhelmed and uncertain even where to begin. To make things easier for our readers, we will regularly update our site with reviews of the internet’s most popular Sportsbooks so we can alert our readers to differences in betting lines, ongoing promotions you won’t want to miss, current scams to be avoided, and anything else you would possibly want to know before trusting your money to a Sportsbook.

But we’ve also gone a step further than just reviewing Sportsbooks; to guarantee our readers and would-be bettors have the best possible betting experience, we’ve teamed up with some of the internet’s most trusted Sportsbooks. In addition to ensuring your bets are only being placed at the most well-reviewed, reputable Sportsbooks, this has allowed us to offer special promotions–like deposit bonuses just for signing up–you aren’t going to find elsewhere.

Our goal at is to become the most respected NCAA betting resource on the internet. To this end, you’ll find articles on any and every type of college basketball or football bet that can be placed through a Sportsbook. If something can be bet on, no matter how obscure it may seem, you can rest assured you will find it covered by one of our expert analysts here at

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